Monday, September 27, 2010

Living off the Land - What's the Attraction?

Fourteen years ago, we left suburban Windward Oahu for very rural Big Island living.  We're so rural, we don't have mail delivery, county water, much less DSL internet or cable.  My husband and I started with raw land and a small (no water, no electricity) cabin and built a home and a barn.  The garden is taking a little longer.....

 We came with an intention, but absolutely the most minimum of knowledge. When we got a little more knowledge (this is hard, working at a job might be easier), we got a little derailed.  We added to our mortgage - mostly for good things like a solar photovoltaic system and education for the kids - but, good as those additions were, they keep us on the job-debt treadmill.  

We are starting again on our journey to produce a goodly portion of our own food, to live simply but well, and to get out of debt.  Most of the journey is sheer hard work and persistence, but there is a lot of pathos and hilarity along the way.  I hope you will be entertained.  

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