Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Baby Girl

She isn't much of a baby anymore.  She took these pictures yesterday, so I told her I would post them.

Sunset over the barn - comes sort of early because of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa blocking the actual sunset.
 Elvis, up close and personal.  

 Crazy Horse Gib.  Scared, as usual - not sure he's ever seen a camera - the last pictures of him were from my cell phone.
 Ohia, the lame and beloved paint.  

Birthday Girl with her favorite horse.
 Melly, chicken-livered part Border Collie

Birthday Girl discovered a new hobby yesterday - she learned she enjoys working on old cars.  The local mechanic was so delighted, he gave her a giant toolbox for her birthday.  Now she wants a tool set to fill it up!

Cinnamon, the much debated member of our family.  One third of our family (including me because of her habit of taking bites out of my livestock at random intervals) are perpetually mad at her - the other two thirds think she is our best dog.

This is the car she helped to work on yesterday (not ours). Looks like fun!

Well, that was a day in the life of my youngest child during the summer.  Today is the party - a slumber party with an eclectic mix of friends from her old school and her new school.  It should be interesting.

She and my husband are outside in the rain fixing up the play barn so the girls can sleep out there tonight - the last few plexiglass windows and a door and one more wall should make it rain tight, although I am hoping today will be like yesterday - raining in the morning and then sun coming out later.

I got some spinach seedlings and collards in the ground near the potatoes yesterday, transplanted a few tomato seedlings into bigger pots for the greenhouse, and made and put up jalapeno salsa.  I still want to get the brussels sprout seedlings out in the garden, transplant the green peppers into bigger pots and start some lettuce and more spinach seeds.  Just a few more weeks until school starts - so much to do in that little time!

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