Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Cleaning Up the Fence Line

Life HAS been crazy - and the craziness is not stopping - but my husband pulled out the tractor and cleared the east (very overgrown) fence line.  The whole line needs to be replaced there, and weʻd like to do some interior fencing so the goats can help tame the jungle up toward the front of our rather long, narrow lot. 

My old dog, Cinnamon, and I checked out the work: 

You canʻt see her well - a little bit like playing "Whereʻs Waldo" (and now I AM dating myself!) minus the stripes and glasses.  Sheʻs quite old for a shepherd mix and is slowing down, so it was nice that she felt like exploring.

I planted those trees a long time ago - the pines.  Itʻs nice to be able to see them.  The ferns in the picture are uluhe, and they grow up and smother everything. 

I am teaching summer school, so no time for projects.  I will have a week off before my sonʻs surgery, a week to help him recover, and then itʻs back to work for me.  Good thing I truly love teaching! 


Barry said...

Cinnamon looks like he's enjoying himself. I'm always impressed how big trees will get in what seems to be only a few years. I also am impressed by the tenacity of ferns to return even after heavy applications of my old Maui mower, aka weedwacker. My real nemesis is the cursed Himalayan blackberry, which grows furiously during the Spring. I have to take down 12 foot tall impenetrable walls of them, only to find them trying to regain the territory again. We do get black bears raiding them for fruit, so I dare not take my golden out there. I'm sure he'd want to take them on, but I'd never want to find out. Those bears periodically get "thinned out" by neighbors, but we are at the edge of a national forest. They'll be back.

NancyDe said...

We have something people call "catʻs claw", but itʻs not the plant with that name on the CTAHR website, so I donʻt know what it really is. It grows HUGE and is very, very thorny and pernicious. The "Goat Boys" eat the leaves, but weʻve only the two....and thereʻs a lot of this icky weed.