Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Off to Texas

I've never been to Texas.  I am heading to San Antonio for an education technology conference.  Last year it was in San Diego, which was nice because I got to see my high school classmate.  This year, I won't know anyone, except, you know, the 40 other people from our organization that are going.  Oh, and my son, who got picked to go as a student!  Yay!  I don't like being away from my family much, so, even though I probably won't see much of him, at least he's there.

We basically (independently) signed up for many of the same talks, and he says he'll sit by me, but he doesn't realize that this conference is immense - tens of thousands of people - so I might see him at dinner, basically.  Maybe.  It doesn't matter, because I know he'll be there, right?  It's a great opportunity for both of us.  I would feel nervous about sending my kid on a field trip that has layovers, so it's cool he gets to go, and so do I, so I don't worry as much.  I am seriously the world's champion worrier.  This is a fact which gives my kids' eyeballs plenty of rolling exercise as well as many laughs at my expense. 

I am actually not looking forward to it as much as I was last year, although knowing what to avoid and what to look for will help this year.  This is an overwhelming conference, although it is chockful of great opportunities.  I am also pleased that there is a church very near the hotel - last year that was a problem.  I don't feel myself if I miss Mass.

I was saddened to learn that a friend of ours passed away this past Monday, and his funeral is taking place when I am gone.  He had just retired from his job not that long ago, and I am just so sad for his wife.  They were very active in Marriage Encounter (which is how we met them), and he was an engineer like my husband.  Even though they were a bit older than us, we had a lot in common with them and they were a great support to us.  Look - I even talk about them as a couple - it is going to be hard for his wife.  I can only imagine. 

Things around the place are about the same.  I haven't done as much outside as I had planned, but I have organized inside quite a lot and there have been a lot of kid-type things.  I also got to go riding with my friend.  It's a lot more fun to ride with someone than by yourself, unless you are working on showing, which I am not.  She says I can use her arena and her horses to teach my youngest a bit this summer.  Gibby is just such a mess, it's impossible to give a lesson on him. He wants his head to be right next to my shoulder at all times in the arena - a big drawback when you are trying to get a kid to learn to ride independently.  He even does it in the pasture - only about three feet back - just far enough out of reach to avoid being caught.  When I go out to deal with sheep, he runs up to me, but stays at arm's length. 

Well, wish me luck on this trip (long, unpleasant, interminable flight) and lots of new learning to bring home. 

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