Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Lambs

Ellie brought her twins in last night. She's a good mom. They were probably born in the morning because they were pretty steady on their legs and fairly dry. The count for 2013 is now three ewe lambs and four ram lambs. At least this colorful lamb is the ewe:

I forgot to relate my "country living" anecdote of the week yesterday.... I generally try to exercise (beyond the farm and garden) most days of the week. Many days this means attempting to run (ie walking most of it) up the huge hill across the highway. On this six plus mile route you not only have to dodge the drivers who think the one lane rural road is a highway but also the wild pigs and the escape artist day it was an adolescent steer. My favorite walk buddies were the three buck kids who ducked through the wire fence and tried to suck my fingers. Must have been bottle babies. I really like goats, but was concerned about them walking around on the road with the speed demon grandmas (really, I have nearly been struck a number of times by speeding older women with depth perception issues).

I am jealous of the people on the other side of the highway because they have great internet options. Our service is so poor here. They also have the possibility of better views - but, then again, the one lane road, steep hill, loose livestock, and hurrying drivers would be frustrating- but not as frustrating as my truly horrible internet service.

On other notes,  the nice thing that happened to me this week was finding that the pink shell ginger has sprouted.  One day nothing - the next a nice sprout of 4 inches!  A not so nice thing was finding almost all the collards in the outside garden infected with what looks like powdery mildew.  I am really disappointed in that finding.  Also, the hens are either really hiding their eggs or just not laying (possible, some of them are coming on 3 years old and some of them look to be moulting - again).; we're only getting a couple a day from 11 hens.  

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