Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Graduation, Once Again

This year it was my nephew who graduated. The ceremony, as usual was emotional and quite beautiful. 

The weekend was full of family and friend fun.  We had two BBQs - one for family (20 of us and that's only two brothers and their families) and one for friends.  Good thing we just filled our freezer with a 1/4 of a cow.  I also canned up some beef in red wine sauce.  I was disappointed that whole brisket and two chuck steaks (plus apples, carrots, and red wine) only yielded 3 pints - I wish I'd filled the pressure canner with jars of something else just to be efficient.  I guess it's a case of live and learn. 

I sold a ram lamb.  It was Baby, aka Thing 2.  These people came over in response to my ad for wethers and rams.  They came with a medium sized dog crate which had a Nigerian goat already in it.  They were SHOCKED at the size of the sheep - even though they told me they'd bottle fed a ewe lamb in the past.  I pointed out the sheep that were for sale, and they kept pointing to my lambs.  I told them that the lambs are NOT weaned (they'd told me they'd never bottle another baby) and NOT for sale (yet).  Finally, they pointed to Baby, who is pretty runty. 

I told them that he's not thriving and would never be large and needs to be cared for carefully.  That made them plead for him even more.  I think we can safely say they wanted a pet. 

I do think I have sold the white ram lamb with the black spots - the woman who called was very interested - but she wanted to take him and bottle him.  I am just going to tell her to wait until he's weaned, because I don't want to take the chance he won't do well like Baby. 

I am now pau hana for the last day of 2012-2013.  I am a little sad and at the same time, quite ready for a break! 

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