Thursday, May 23, 2013

The End of School

Well, the first of my three sans-students days is done.  I am done with my grades, mostly done with organizing my room so the custodial staff can get in here and do their magic - the room cleaner assigned to our building is quite an amazing guy.  I am not just saying that because he tells the most wonderful stories about growing up in Hilo and Puna, and not just because he promised to catch me a Rhode Island Red rooster from the flock running wild around his neighborhood, but because our rooms are so well cared for.  He works so hard and everything is so perfect.  

I wish I could say that about myself.  These closing weeks of school are so hectic, my garden has gone to pot.  Nearly everything in the greenhouse needs to be pulled and replanted.  The sweet potatoes are taking over everything.  The hens are hiding their eggs, the little cluckers, and I can only find a few at any given time.  It's getting to be Easter every day at my house.  My house isn't so bad, because I ditched the grading this weekend to clean, but the farm stuff is just neglected. 

One victory, though, instead of suffering and starving in silence, my son let me know that although he paid for his emergency dentistry adventure - he is out of food and has no money.  His self-proclaimed "nerd herd" has emptied his cupboards and drained his gas tank without producing the money they promised toward food and gas.  I hated that he felt like he couldn't ask for help. 

My soon to be 9th grader just walked in - they went on a huakaʻi to Punaluʻu.  She excitedly told me they saw a dead puffer fish and too sea turtles.  My budding marine biologist....

I actually miss my students today - I was ready enough to shut the door behind them, but I feel a little bereft today. 

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