Friday, December 17, 2010

Lots of pics....Pregnant Sheep, Beach Day, and a Honu (Green Sea Turtle)

The ram and the two ewes.  I was trying to get a good picture of Dodie (the one grazing).
 Elvis is so nosy.  Wherever I am, he's right there in my face.
 Dodie - anyone with experience want to chime in?

 See, right there, in my face.  How can I resist those sheep eyes?  How come he looks so sweet behind the fence?
Playing the noble soul.  
 Dodie from the side - about a week ago.
 Tried to get a picture of her udder.  She is a little skittish these days.
Maybe this is a little clearer view of her udder.  I would say it has been this size, maybe a little lower, for about a week or 8 days.  
 My Melly - Border Collie and ?  She is a bit small to be all Border Collie.  She does try to herd some, but mostly she does this annoying barking thing.  My kids say she sounds like Dino on the Flintstones.  However, one of the Mare's annoying jaunts into the front yard during feeding time, Melly rounded her up and chased her right back into the stall.
 This is a Banyan tree which has it's roots, or some of them, above ground.  This is a large tree, but some of them grow to look like several trees, but are all the same plant.
 I am going to say this is a is certainly shaped like one.  Notice, if you look closely, the ferns growing on the trunk.  If I am wrong, anyone from Hawaii can let me know (or Grandpa in Malaysia?)
 A view across to the North arm of Hilo Bay.  I just thought it was pretty - very flat surf today.
 Make that extremely flat surf.
 Carl Smith (aka Four Miles) Beach.  It is a beautiful day.
 I just like palm trees against blue sky.
 Small tide pool.
The kids like to swim out to the little island at Four Miles.
 Hilo Beaches are often pretty rocky.

 You are supposed to keep your distance from Honu, but they don't always obey the rules, themselves.  Notice the feet on the rocks?  It gives you an idea of how big this turtle is.
 Closer view....
I like Honu faces.  They look so peaceful.

So there is a picture record of two days: a day on the farm, and a day at the beach.

If anyone has experience with lambing - I would love advice on Dodie - how close do you think she is to lambing?


Grandpa said...

Hi Nan, I'm right here. Interesting photos and stories as usual. Love the seaside.

Fancy all the animals having their own names...and Elvis!

That tree looks like either a Raintree or Flame of The Forest to me. Has it ever flower or fruit? Then you can tell for sure.

I have a quiz over at my blog. Would you like to come over and give me the answer? I appreciate that. Thanks.

NancyDe said...

Nope, this one doesn't flower or fruit. It has the same shape as monkeypod, but I have to admit I never looked at it closely to think about it before....

I will check out your quiz!

Faith said...

They can all bag up a little differently, some will do it weeks before. As for how she's carrying, that can be different as well, and age can effect her shape - as I am keenly aware by human standards. LOL

Elvis - it's a perfect name. He actually looks like an Elvis to me.

Those are some amazingly cool trees. And what a beautiful day at the beach. Imagine, just a few days before Christmas, when we are in ice. :o)


Deb said...

Oh Nancy,

Your pictures are beautiful, your skies and water are so blue and peaceful !
Sure beats below zero temperatures and tons of snow here in Wisconsin!!

Already emailed on sheep ideas ;)


NancyDe said...

I appreciate all your help, Deb!