Monday, December 20, 2010

"Small Kine Rain" (as we say here in Hawaii)...

We got a small amount of rain (unlike Oahu, which had quite a flood of rain).  The empty tank filled up a bit, and the horse tank, which is partially catchment and partially feed with an automatic waterer valve if the catchment should fail is fill and clean.  Everything feels fresh this morning, although the vog is rolling back in.  The winds are unstable, blowing back and forth.

I got up fairly early for a vacation time, added some electric strands over the old hog wire fence.  Now that the sheep are eating down the thick grass growing through that fence line, I can see where we need to patch some bits (or replace the whole shebang).  Audrey has decided she love staghorn fern which is really great, because it is quite poky and difficult to clear.  If she can do it for me, I am all for it.  However, in her zeal to reach the large growth of staghorn on the other side of the fence, she has widened a hole in the hogwire.  I blocked that up with a couple of strains of electric fencing.

Today, I hope to move the young chickens out to the chicken run.  I am going to block them off with some fencing until the older hens get used to them, and keep an eye on them.  They aren't old enough to eat layer feed, so I have to keep them separate for a while longer, at least for feeding.

The teens are having a movie marathon night tonight.  I am not sure how many young adults and teens will be showing up or spending the night, but we'll be home, and my kids do tend to pick really great friends.  I am trying to think of how to feed a horde with what I have on hand.  I was horrified to find that I have no tomato sauce left: that knocks out chili, spaghetti, and pizza!  Fried rice and fried saimin are my next bets.

I told my youngest we could make more Christmas cookies - I figure some of the guests might enjoy decorating cookies (and eating them) if she and I mix, roll and cut out for them.


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I always loved when my kids friends came over. Have fun!!

Faith said...

That VOG is killing my sister. Not doing well at all.

I always love to make iced Christmas cookies with the kids every year. Sadly, with only one left at home, I'd eat them all. There's not a lot of goodies baking going on around here lately. LOL

May you and your sweet family be blessed beyond measure this Christmas.

Merry Christmas, dear friend!

NancyDe said...

I have been thinking about her and praying for her - I am sure the huge rain storm Oahu had a few days ago didn't help her, either.

Merry Christmas to you and Michael, too! I hope the blessings you talked about in your blog multiply and keep coming in the New Year.