Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Planning Ahead

During recess, I spouted off  a whole lot of stuff via email to my poor, long-suffering husband.  You can see I have been thinking about this for awhile - it was surely more than a 20 minute product, my prodigious list. Please feel free to add to my list!  We are feeding four pre-teen and teen aged kids, two horses (on kind of junk grass for horses), four sheep (soon to be more), three dogs, a cat, and a budgie.  

For, off the top of my head, six months: 

Shelves, Pantry, Freezer (taking into account what we already have): 

50 lbs flour ($25.00)
2 lb yeast ($10.00)
40lb sugar ($80.00) 
100 cans of tomato (maybe more) ($150.00)
50 cans of corn ($100.00) 
10 cans of jalapeno chilis ($10.00) 
6 jars of pb ($30?)
8 jars of jelly ($10)
50 lbs of rice ($50) 
10 boxes of crystal light/generic ($25) 
3 large bags chocolate chips ($45) 
3 large bottles of olive oil ($35) 
6 cans of coffee ($66) 
20 boxes of tea - both caffeinated and herbal ($50) 
6 large cans of hot chocolate ($60) 
6 cans of Nesquick ($60)
3 boxes of cocoa (not sure - maybe $20?) 
3 large boxes powderd milk (not sure) 
75 lbs of dried beans ($75)
2 bone in hams ($ 20) 
10 lbs ground meat ($30)
2 bags raisins ($25) 
2 bags cranberries ($25) 

Will still need to buy on fairly regularly basis:

butter (3.70 a lb) - will use two a week
milk ($4.50 a gal) - will use 2-3 a week
cheese (4.00 a pound) - use 2lbs a week
tofu (about $7.00 a week, unless we can schedule going to buy a couple pounds of ends at a $1.00/lb - she has limited hours.)  
fruit (2.00 a lb.  - or 50 cents a fruit about)  - should have one a person per day, if can. 
fresh veggies (can spend about $25 at farmer's market once a week for the last two until garden is producing) 
Alfalfa cubes, chicken feed, alfalfa pellets, dog food, cat food, bird food (only alfalfa pellets/cubes are weekly) 

Things to build:  

Green houses - one off the deck, one in garden - can use one off deck to hang clothes in. (wood, pvc, 6 ml plastic) 
Broiler housing - hutch off ground - 4x8 feet (can build one or two). (wood, hardware cloth, fencing) 
Hen housing: preferably moveable - will need about 30 square feet with roosting and nesting... (pvc, wood, hardware cloth, fencing, tarp? roof?) 
Sheep shed with concrete floor so less trimming (wood, roofing, cement) 
terraced beds in small garden (?) 
whiz bang plucker (plans on internet) (nails, plastic barrel, some rubber stuff, wood, a motor) 
fencing ?
Charcoal pit (unsure) 

Would be good to have on hand: 

Gallon of iodine/povidine (or maybe two) 
200lbs Diatomataceous Earth (about $200, but replaces wormer, and good for garden and storing food) 
sheep minerals, salt lick 
buckets for water
Sheep feet trimmer and large file for sheep and horses (teeth and feet) 
another bottle of vaccine for coccidae for sheep and chickens
XTN supplement for horses 
Rice Bran oil - gallon or two. 
Possible a few straw bales? (for hilling potatoes, animal bedding if needed, to add to compost for aerating)  

Other things to think about:

Plastic wrap/bags for freezing prepared food and butchered chicken. 
plastic containers or cannisters for food storage
canning jars and lids 
2 gallons of vinegar (for canning, cleaning) 
another large package of baking soda ( for cleaning and to unbloat sheep)
a castrator and bands to have on hand. 
a book on canning safely. 
If we do get dairy sheep, milk, we need a diffuser, a dairy thermometer, some cheese rennet, minimum. 

Possibly a dairy breed ram and a couple of ewes (would cost a packet) to improve our sheep and have marketable ewe dairy lambs. Would have to get these from WA.  I have a contact.  Would need to air ship them to Kona to minimize stress.   

I was being a little telegraphic, and so far he has not responded to my email.  Poor guy, I sent him about four homestead-related emails today during the 20 minute recess and he has replied to the two shortest ones.  I bet he printed this one out and plans to digest it tonight....yeah, that must be it....


Faith said...

Wow. You've been busy! I can smell the brain smoke from here. Great job!

In a pinch, you can use lemon juice or vinegar to make your cheese. I used to make simple cheeses every day. Herbed, with whatever I had on hand. It was great to have fresh cheese. We even had more than we could eat. And that's a lot.


NancyDe said...

I would love directions on making cheese with lemon juice (have trees) or vinegar (have huge gallon jugs of it for cleaning).

NancyDe said...

I was being slightly sarcastic, but it's true: my husband DID print the long email (it was longer than this, believe it or not) to digest tonight.

Faith said...

I have a PVC cheese press. I'll see about taking a photo for you.

Here's a link that came up on using lemon juice. Vinegar would be the same measurements. I made it so much back then, I don't even think I measured, just poured it in until it looked about right.


NancyDe said...

Faith, did you make that yourself -the PVC cheese press? Thanks for the link.

Faith said...

No, I've got a different one. It's more complicated, but I think a simple one would be just as good.