Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dry January

Unlike most places elsewhere in the state, January is dry here - which means cold (sometimes down to the 40s at night), sunny, and finally, no mud.  It also means conservation time with the water, because we are on a catchment system.  I hope we don't get low enough that I have to start taking laundry down to the laundromat.  That takes huge chunks of time out of my weekend not to mention takes a big bite out of the food budget (that money has to come from somewhere). 

I had some unexpected visitors this week.  I called a friend of mine who used to work for the Department of Human Services to see how to help my co-worker with her very ill husband.  It turned out that he and another classmate were here with their wives for a few days.  They came by one evening and it turned out that one of the wives was interested in doing some small farming.  She was terrified of my dogs (very unscary dogs, unless you are a sheep, I suppose), so I suspect small farming means chickens and vegetables.  We took a flashlight and tromped out to see the lambs and the greenhouse. 

I took advantage of the weather and indulged myself in a walk today. I went five miles, but when I was almost home, my daughter was walking out to find me.  We walked another mile or so and then came home.  I (always) have so many chores to do at home, so a walk is a real indulgence.  We're planning to go to church this evening, so I need to get chores done in the next four hours or so:  baking the week's bread and snacks, laundry and some transplanting in the greenhouse.  On that note, I suppose I had better get going. 

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