Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lamb Blues

The bad luck sheep (my daughter named him Buddy) is in bad shape - but it's still an improvement over last week.  He is up, somewhat ambulatory, and eating, but it's not great. 

My husband had him out in the lawn where he could see him, and he got a good ways on his own - up a hill and all the way around the house.  I have seen him navigate some pretty good obstacles, but one brush from his sister and he's down. 

The bottle isn't working, so I feed him formula from an oral dose syringe - 10 mls at a time.  It takes quite awhile to give him even 8 ounces.  He is eating grain concentrate and able to graze, so that helps.  Although I don't hold out much hope for him, every day he seems stronger - I feel like I need to give him a chance. 

I know if we had a big commercial operation that the decision would be different, but a small family farm can afford a little sentimentality.  Since he seems determined and not in pain, I will give him that shot at life. 


Chai Chai said...

If he lives he will be your all time favorite....

NancyDe said...

Probably, he will. Even though I bring the formula and the grain, I am still not his favorite, though!