Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not a Lot of Farming

Not a lot of farming going on at my house.  I keep my plants watered in the greenhouse - and this weekend I need to transplant quite a number of little seedlings.  The sheep have a routine, which still includes razing what's left of my outside garden every afternoon.  I decided that I am not a quitter, and I am not going to wait for a permanent pasture fence.  I am putting some plastic emergency fence up this weekend to see if that deters them and and the chickens. 

To tell you the truth, the mower deck on the tractor is broken, so I am not all that unhappy that the sheep are eating the lawn.  That is how big landowners who wanted a lawn did it before the invention of lawnmowers, after all.  Frankly, as the kids get bigger and busier, I don't see the point of having half an acre of lawn, anyway.  I want to dig most of it up and have a REALLY big garden - if I could get some help with the pernicious steel cable grass. 

I still feel like I am in limbo.  Things are stable, but in an untenable pattern, and we, as a family, need to make quite a few decisions and changes. About two years ago, I quietly decided I had to be responsible for everything - things went more or less smoothly for some time.  Maybe it was an illusion, because I feel the way ahead is very rocky, right now. 

When I was about 8, I decided I was going to clean up the play area in the basement of our home.  I piled every toy my sister and I owned in a huge pile and then threw a rug over it all.  Some of the toys were play furniture and those big cardboard building blocks, so the pile seemed nearly as tall as me.  My mom was very gracious; I learned the word "immaculate" that day! (I know now she must have been laughing inside).  Perhaps by deciding I was the only adult in the house I have been reliving my 8 year old "cleaning" spree - now it is time to look under that rug and really get the house in order. 

On a good note, my one New Years' resolution that was specific and real is going well.  For years, I have been pretty bad about keeping myself hydrated while working.  Most days, I would drink a cup of coffee with breakfast and that was it for pretty much the whole day.  Sometimes, I would even forget to drink water with dinner.  Obviously, I often felt tired and horrible.  Well for five days now, I have been consistently hitting at least 84 oz of fluid every day.  Good news for my poor body. 

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