Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Wouldn't you know, it is actually a sunny day and I am inside baking.  This has been a cold, rainy summer and, as insensitive it is to the many farmers suffering drought, I am so tired of being damp and having cold feet in the middle of summer.  However, I promised one son that I would make cookies and the other one bust out with a plea for hot dog buns - and I wanted apple pie.  So I made all of them. 

All of this meant that I have been in the kitchen for the last several hours while the sun shines outside.  I just have the worst timing - yesterday would have been perfect for staying inside and baking: it was drizzly and cold all day.  Instead, I went for a five mile walk, played with Gibby, and went to look at a car with my almost-18 year old (and stood in the rain talking about said car - Hilo people, we're used to rain). 

I need a weather crystal ball! 

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