Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Little Gardening

In spite of (or perhaps because of) a few erstwhile hurricanes passing east and south of us, we're having somewhat drier weather - up here in the gloomy rainforest that doesn't always mean sun, but I did get out this morning to weed and add compost and coffee grinds.  This garden just isn't producing - I think it is the sheer lack of sunshine we've had since, well, October. 

I did pull 4-5 turnips that managed to grow, a few stunted collards and sweet potato leaves and a few bok choy leaves off the one plant that didn't bolt and steamed it all up for lunch.  I planted some radish, more turnip, bok choy, kai choy, and a handful of mystery seeds that got all mixed up on the bottom of my seed storage container, as well as some green onions.  We'll see if anything grows. 

My seduction of Gibby continues - I whistle him in about an hour before regular dinner time.  He's probably getting a little ready for bought feed at that time, but the sheep aren't in to compete for attention, yet.  Yesterday, he came cantering in and after making a big deal of him, I put the halter on and did a few ground work exercises.  Then, I just let him go and went on my daily walk/run. 

It's so tempting to just hop on, but I think I need to restart him like I would start a colt and see if that works a little better. 

I still find myself surprised by grief - no place on this land doesn't have a memory of Ohia, but keeping busy helps. 

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