Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Review of the Week

Well, it was a doozy.  One of my children entered a new decade - nothing like that to make you feel old!  Two of my children were in a car accident (everyone's fine- except the car - and it wasn't their fault).  Three of my children accompanied me for a picnic and to the local community theater for a production of Cinderella (which included 3 of my former students).  And all 4 of my kids were home last night - these days that's almost a miracle.  

 One of a handful of beautiful days (in a sea of rainy ones) in the last 9 months.  It was so nice, I washed the car, the three dogs, cleaned animal housing and did a little gardening - just to avoid having to go inside. 
 We went to Volcanoes National Park - I took this from the car, so it's a little funky.  These are Ohia and Hapu'u. 
 More drive-by pictures. 
 It's hard to tell, but this is a crater we're looking down into - obviously an old one, with trees that size.  We picnicked here before heading to the local community theater production. 

 My birthday girl and her friends at dinner. 

 One of our presents to our daughter - a modelling shoot. 

Friends and adultish-child, again.  

 Lovely former students in costume!  They were GREAT. 

One of my Buff Orpington hens checking out if that camera in my hand might, by some chance, involve food. 

Last week of Summer Vacation for me!  I hope we get a few more sunny days! 

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