Friday, September 28, 2012


A much needed (by my farm) break from school is coming up.  Although I am heading to Oahu for a follow-up to my mammogram scare last March, when I come back I plan to pull all the dried out, sad looking plants from my greenhouse and work on the outside garden and the taro bed, too.  It's just a little early for the broccoli-type stuff, but I can put in a few other brassica and lettuce.  I have quite a few taro huli hanging around in buckets that need to be planted.  I need to come up with more of a routine that works during the school terms, because I lose a lot of productivity during those times. 

I feel somewhat urgent about providing for the food security of my family - at least the ones who still live with me. 

I am sorry for not having written for some time, but I do notice that less weird referrer stats show up when I take a few days off.  I don't really get those weird spikes that seem to be happening because Russian proxies bounce off my site, and I am unable to take the time to navigate through the Google help to figure out how to report or block or even to find out if they are my problem or Google's.  Any other bloggers noticing that stuff? 

Audrey is a lot closer to delivering than I thought - because Elvis was chasing her in June, I thought we were looking at December/January, but he must have been chasing her for nothing, because she is only a few weeks out.  It's definitely at least twins because I can palpate a couple of little heads and she's quite rotund.  Remember she had triplets back on March 2?  I am hoping it is only twins, and I need to keep the rams away from her for a year just to give her a break.  She's not as young as she used to be. 

I hope that we can use the break to get the sheep stall scraped and load that large load of cinder to resurface it as well as move more of the mountain of compost into the garden spaces and around the bananas.  Bananas don't actually need finished compost; they can take manure straight from the barn, but finished doesn't hurt them.  I think the citrus could do with a good dose, too.  There is just a lot to do and we probably don't have a ton of relatively rain free time to do it in. 

Hope all is well with you all. 

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