Tuesday, September 18, 2012

When Farming Hurts

I pulled my hamstring pulling sweet potatoes on Sunday.  I thought I was just sore from squatting and pulling, but nope, it is a genuine strain.  I really strained the muscle nearly 30 years ago in track and it's been a bit dicey since then.  Sometimes, if I am riding after taking a break or even kneeling in church, the muscle will cramp up.  When I was pregnant and still riding, I would dismount and fall to the ground (not gracefully) because the muscle would give out on me. 

I thought since I really do spend a ridiculous amount of time working out each week that I would have avoided something like this - but apparently not.  I am limping around and wincing from the bottom of my wimpy soul.  Thank goodness I work at a school with wonderful athletic trainers who don't laugh at the middle-aged wannabe, but instead hand me ice and compression wraps and apply heat and manually stretch me out (ouch) before I head off to run with middle schoolers (my goal is to up myself to high school next year) or to the cardio room.  I have to do something while waiting for my student athletes....

Beyond the physical trials of doing something at my age that would have been a lot easier 20 years ago, the farm is moving along.  I pulled those sweet potatoes, picked up some seeds for things like greens and lettuce - things that grow better in our winter.  My husband cleared the patch for the bigger greenhouse.  I could, in theory, have made last night's dinner completely from ingredients in my kitchen - although I did leave that homegrown hen in the freezer and used store bought instead - the day's coming (in case any kid is reading - you will not know when we eat her; don't even try to guess) but it wasn't last night.  

Step by step, getting closer to having several meals a day raised and grown on our own land. 

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Kelly said...

Congratulations! It is very satisfying to raise your own food. Yes, it is much easier when you are young. Enjoy your sweet potatoes.