Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lunch from My Garden

Well, more or less...

I dug up a sweet potato, picked some bok choy, flat parsley, and garlic chives and combined then with green lentils and black beans from the pantry and seasoned it with paprika, coriander, turmeric, and tahini.  It's not very pretty, but it tastes good. 

We're thinking about ducks.  I haven't had much truck with ducks, but I am interested in trying. We generally have a standing puddle-like pond - it only ever disappears in a real drought.  We almost never have even two completely dry days in a row, so it's not much of a worry - if we ever did, we could just put out a kiddie play pool. Now, I am just researching how much of a pain in the butt ducks will be. I like the idea that they eat slugs and lay large eggs that are good for baking.  And they are more of a meal than a chicken would be, also a plus.  Muscovy's are very popular here, so I am leaning along those lines.  If anyone has positive or negative feedback about ducks, I would love to hear it! 

In other news, my son is "under consideration" for the State Finals for Pole Vaulting.  We'll have to wait until maybe Tuesday to hear if he's made it to the event on Friday.  It's on Oahu so if he goes, there may be an opportunity for grandparents.  On the other hand, the school where it is taking place is actually kind of a pain to get to, so maybe not.  For any Grandparents who are reading - Pole Vaulting is several one second bursts of adrenaline interspersed between rather long periods of waiting (or other parents' bursts of adrenaline), and Your Grandson is clearing about 12 feet and the top guys in the state are older, have more reliable access to a proper pole (long story), and will probably clean his clock.  It's still a great opportunity, so prayers and crossed fingers in order, please. 

We were so cheap we didn't want to pay the $20 to get all of us in to the Regional Finals, so we stood at the top of the hill outside the fence where we had a decent view.  We still couldn't see the height placard, so I texted the running coach who was down on the field and asked him.  I do love technology.  

My younger daughter has decided to start running next week.  Track is over and conditioning for Cross Country doesn't start until June, but she heard the times for the upcoming 9th grade girls on their 8th grade Big Run and is a bit scared about her place on the Varsity.  Nothing like someone nipping at your heels to get you going, as the sheep would say. 


HeirloomRosaries said...

Ducks mean poop. Everywhere. Dog sized.

NancyDe said...

Well, I have a big yard. And a horse that poops bigger than dog sized. Not sure that poop is a deterrent for me :). It might mean you borrow rubber boots when you come to visit, though!