Friday, April 25, 2014

So Much Fun!

I kind of had a bad day.  I was thinking, as I sat through lunch proctoring standardized testing for stragglers, that I really should have stayed home.  The virus is not giving up, and I feel like that ball of dust bunny under my couch - muffled, confused, and cranky.  (Hey, I think dust bunnies are cranky - they probably don't want to be stuck under the couch and shouldn't be there anyway). 

My last period class cheered me up, though.  They did an amazing job at their monologues, told me repeatedly how much fun they were having (can we do this EVERY WEEK?!) I told them I'd wanted them to prepare a poem for discussion next week (something they usually like to do - the discussion part, at least - so they like to think of questions to stump the crowd), but instead I wanted them to tell me what it is like, or say something profound, about being a teenager in 2014.  The catch was - they had 25 minutes to plan, act/film, and vine or instagram their 6 second story.  I told them to go outside and surprise us. 

It was so much fun.  I learned that teenagers like to sleep, eat, text, talk about the opposite gender, and that they stress about school.  I learned that teenaged boys have too much energy and sometimes just have to act dumb. 

I already knew those things, but it was still a total blast.  What a great way to end the week.  My room looked trashed - desks everywhere, scripts everywhere, but I said, "Hey. we've got one minute before the bell - can you put the desks in order and clean up?"  And it was done, like magic.  Too bad that doesn't work at home. 

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