Monday, April 7, 2014

13 Straight Days of Work

Because I have been incredibly fortunate to get a couple of extra work opportunities, I am working for 13 straight days.  I teach SAT classes on Sunday afternoons, and this weekend, I am working on Summer School prep for both days of the weekend.  I really am so very grateful for the opportunities, but I am feeling slightly daunted facing all these days in a row with no breaks!  I think it is because I am not feeling that well today (Day 2).  I seem to have picked up the cold all the kids are snotting around the school.  Time to just focus on the positive! 

I took advantage of the late track meet on Saturday (a Saturday morning at home - what a concept!) to try a new homemade grout cleaner.  It didn't work as well as I wanted it to, but it worked some.  It used lemon juice, baking soda, and vinegar - so I had some lemon peels left over.  I scraped them and soaked them in vinegar for the two week soak.  It's the best cleaner for my floors and counters (and no driving in traffic!)  I was pretty happy to not have any waste - even though waste of food isn't a problem between feeding dogs, chickens, and making compost - but it still felt good to be able to get double use out of the lemons. 

Chicken update: the chick I thought might be a cockerel - I am 99% sure I am right that he is indeed a he.  So now I have to decide whether an extra rooster is a prudent safeguard against the loss of the first or a terrible idea.  We need to move them outside soon - they're quite large for the tack room pen.  It's always a little dicey when you introduce the young ones to the established flock.  The Barred Rocks are active little hoppers, so we'll need to fence them off in the night pen with a double and of chicken wire until they all feel like they're one flock. 

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