Saturday, April 19, 2014

Darned Cold

Not the winter kind of cold, the virus kind of cold.  I never catch colds, really, I don't, but I have a doozy this time.  I guess all those kids sneezing and hacking away finally got to me.  I am a big baby when I have a cold, too. 

I did do a lot of my National Board stuff yesterday and a little today, and I went to see my son Pole Vault at the track meet. (He did well, a personal best!)  I whimpered and hacked and sniffled through all of it, though.  Such a whiner, I freely admit it.

I am hoping I feel better tomorrow.  I have a gigantic (free) ham I got from the save a tape promotion at the local food store, and I want to dig up some sweet potatoes and use some of those baby greens out in the greenhouse to make a nice Easter dinner.  We are hoping to go to the 7 am Mass - I love the sunrise Mass the best on Easter - but it will mean leaving home by 6 am.  That's going to be a tough sell for our kids. 

I see two Saanen goat kids on Craigslist.  I am tempted to call; I know the people that own the dairy, and they take good care of their goats.  I want milk goats in the worst way, but they don't say whether the goats are doelings or bucklings - and at the price they're asking, I am betting the latter.  There are also Aussie-Heeler-Catahoula pups....It's dangerous for me to go on Craigslist.  It really is.  It's just that one of my favorite dogs in my life was Aussie-Heeler.  My husband would kill me if I brought home a puppy, because he would be the one who would have to deal with it, since I am gone 6 days a week.  They are soooo cute, though. 

It must be Spring - I want ducklings and goat kids and puppies.  I already gave into my craving for chicks;  you know how chicks go, though.  Now they are just small chickens - lovely but in no way cute and cuddly. 

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