Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blood Moon

It was pretty cool.  I wish I'd thought to grab my camera, but on the other hand, I know from experience my camera doesn't take good pictures of the moon - kind of diminishes her to a small point of light. 

I was just shocked we could see anything - it's always (always!) cloudy at our house.  It's particularly always cloudy when there is something cool to see in the sky, it seems.  Last night we got lucky right up until the actual moment. It rained in town, I hear, so many of the kids came to school fairly sad about that. 

It looked red - like a red disc was eating away at the moon, which went through a month's worth of phases over the time of the eclipse. 

It was actually windy and a bit nippy, so my daughter and I ran out a few times, said, "Wow! cool!" and then ran back inside. 

At least we have something to talk about today. 

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