Monday, March 31, 2014

Chicks Sure Do Get Ugly

You bring home these little peeping balls of fluff and, within a few weeks, they turn into little monstrosities.  Eventually, they turn into lovely chickens, but there is this period I always find creepy, when they are feathering out, but the look kind of gawky and ...well, dinosaur-y.  They still peep, but it is much less adorable.  They kind of eye you with that bird eye and they are all patchy with feathers and down and some spots where down is coming out but feathers are taking their time. 

And when you have older breeds that aren't sex-linked, you end up playing, "Hey, are you a roo?" when one looks a little bigger or the come looks more prominent.  It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, if I can keep the two roosters in two different places, or have one for dinner...  I just hope I don't have more than one. 

And they aren't quite ready to go outside, but they are outgrowing the inside.  I have to laugh - I've never had Barred Rocks before and they sure are active.  They kind of pop up and down before running.  The Australorps are fast but they basically stay on the ground, but the BR can pop as high as the top of the large dog kennel they are using as a coop in the tack room. It kind of reminds me of whack-a-mole without the ground and the holes.  Of course, I am not whacking my chicks, but the heads popping up and down gives the same effect.

As a side note, completely unrelated to chicks - I have discovered Dr. Bonner's Castile Soap.  (Actually, my older daughter introduced it to me).  I like the peppermint - love any kind of mint soap.  It makes my skin feel so good, and I notice it is brightening my complexion.  They had a bulk sale at the health food store, so I brought and old marinara jar and filled it up.  It just makes my day knowing that I have a nice jar of this stuff sitting at home.  I'm simple and easy to please, I guess. 

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