Tuesday, March 18, 2014

National Board Blues: The Things That Aren't Getting Done

I have a few quarts of beef bone broth I made sitting in the fridge.  The plan was to cool it and de-fat it and can it up.  It's been there a few days because I had to run errands all day yesterday and pounded away at National Boards today.  I spent hours, six and more hours today, working on just a fraction on one entry.  I would much rather be canning my beef broth. 

Right now, I am sitting in my car waiting for track practice to be done.  I should be pounding out more on the National Board - or studying these ridiculous flash cards I bought as a birthday present for myself (I know, joy, right?  Flashcards?!)  They are fairly ridiculous, and I am tempted to return them.  They look to be much more a mix of the PRAXIS and GRE exam then specifically for my exam.  Oh well.  Review my Masters degree and get into the mood for a long test, I guess. 

I have one more full day to work on National Boards and then I am going to an Educational Conference.  I figured back in January that it would be a nice break from National Boards, but between cleaning (the last good deep clean before Easter because of SAT classes) and cleaning chicken coops and brooders, not to mention pressure cooking soup bones and shipping a really old Volvo to my daughter on Oahu (involved sitting at the dock for an HOUR - I should have brought my National Board stuff!), driving kids back and forth to practice, etc., I have not gotten as much done as I dreamed I would.  Bummer for me. 

Frankly, I just want to take a nap.  Or maybe I just want to one quick walk around the walking track on campus.  I have been entirely too still all day. 

Oh, but I found the best recipe for Artisan bread! 

3 cups bread flour
1 t yeast
1 t salt
1 1/2 cups water 

Mix it all up, let it sit, covered, for 12-18 hours (my schedule actually had it resting well over 24 hours and it was fine).  Preheat a cast iron dutch oven for 30 minutes at 450.  Bake the dough in the dutch oven with the cover on for 30 minutes, remove the cover and bake for 15 more minutes.  (Actually, I would go a little less - the bottom was very hard on this loaf).  It's so chewy and crusty - very good.


Unknown said...

Nancy, have you ever tried baking bread in the crock pot? Works great!

NancyDe said...

Nope, but would love a recipe!