Thursday, March 6, 2014

Chicks Were In

I bought 10 Australorp and 10 Barred Rocks.  I was disappointed to note when I got home that one of the chicks is small and has a twisted leg.  They were almost twice as much as the hatchery, but of course, that doesn't include shipping.  Basically, it cost a bit more for 20 than I would have paid for 25 from the hatchery, but it was worth it to be able to stop by work and show them off while waiting for my son to be done with practice. 

It took a little bit to get them home, so I was disappointed to see that my husband hadn't set up the chick brooder arrangement before I got home.  My daughter and I scrambled like mad to get the fence set up, the big dog kennel set up, the bedding, feeders, and water chick fountain, and the light set up - plus feeding the bottle baby, grown chickens, dogs, horse.  I forgot to look the back gate so the ewes went out again, which was another scramble. 

I mistakenly decided to check my work email, because going to buy the chicks took the time I would normally correspond with kids and parents - and since tomorrow is the end of my grading period, I have gave feedback on four papers for revision by tomorrow morning.  I have not yet started cooking dinner.

I could make some mental parallels about being a mother hen with too many chicks, but it feels like too much work.  

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