Monday, March 10, 2014

New Rooster

My coworker gave me her extra young rooster.  That was very nice of her, actually.  My daughter thinks that "is so Hilo."  I guess it isn't a usual gift given at work, a fowl in a pet taxi. 

I am hoping the introduction to the ladies will go smoothly.  They are, after all, fairly old and he's under a year.  I hope they don't give me a horrible demonstration of "hen-pecked".  We'll just have to let them visit him in the pet taxi and then slip him on the roost after dark.  That's worked in the past - everyone wakes up and goes, "Oh hey, you're not new because you just slept with us, so it's all fine." 

The chicks are doing well.  We lost two - one was kind of gimpy and listless when I bought her - I wish I had opened the boxes they came in before I left the feed store! I don't know why the other died.  Maybe the stress of the boxes or the new home.  Maybe they just jammed up together in panic that first night and she suffocated, but the rest are all lively and fine. 

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