Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Chicks (tomorrow)!

I was all excited - today was supposed to be Chick Day at the feed store.  I called, just in case, because it is quite a drive (and it is Ash Wednesday, after all).  They didn't get them in, but they are getting them tomorrow! They are even getting the breed I really want (Barred Rocks).  And the order is for pullets.  Although, you know how it is with these non-sex-links - some of them are going to be roosters.  That's okay with me.  As long as they aren't ALL roosters. 

I once had a friend who was a nurse.  She said she bought 30 straight run chickens and one night (or rather, one very early morning) she came home from a double shift and 27 of them proclaimed they were roosters all at once.  She put them all in the freezer that very morning.  I always think of that story when I am tempted to buy straight run.  A rooster here or there will be okay - 27 of them would be a lot of work and freezer space. 

I would promise to post up pictures tomorrow, except that...Blogger is still crashing my browser when I try.  So not fun. 

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