Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Canning Bone Broth

Finally got around to putting up that beef bone broth I made this weekend.  It's in the canner right now.  I also took my daughter for a ride on the Crazy Horse.  He's been enjoying the life of Reilly for months now as our schedules have him mowing and weed whacking and acting like a lawn ornament rather than a riding horse.   He does come running in when I call him, though, which is endearing.  I am sure he thinks I am going to feed him. 

He still will stand still for me to mount, but was less happy about the kid.  Dummy.  Then he doesn't want to get more than two feet away from me when we go out, so I walk and jog (trying to get him to move, darn it) in front of him.  We walked all around the pasture, which had the sheep hopeful for grain.  I would like to work with him more, but 12+ hour days (starting next week - 6 days a week) doesn't leave a lot of time.  I really should sell him, but he enjoys his life and I would worry that he would end up with someone less calm, which would undo all the calming down we've done. 

I am thinking about baking something - maybe rolls as cookies aren't really appropriate during Lent.  However, I really do need to fold a huge pile of laundry and chug along on my rough draft for the Boards some more. 

I still feel so proud of myself when I can something.  It's kind of ridiculous, but the pressure canner is still a bit intimidating, and when the jars line up and make the lids go "ping, ping, ping" as they seal - it feels like an accomplishment. 


Ruth Dixon said...

Good for you! I love canning! I line the jars up afterward on the counter and take pictures to make me feel even more "accomplished"! And keep that old hay burner, he needs you!

NancyDe said...

Thanks, Ruth. I am glad I am not the only one who feels accomplished and takes pictures of their jars on the counter. :)