Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Griddle Done!

I am so happy with how the cast iron turned out.  I had to spray the griddle three times with oven cleaner, but it looks great, now.  What a satisfying project. 

In the process, I have also discovered coconut oil.  I like it!  I bought it because my daughter wanted it for her hair, but it worked wonderfully for the cast iron.  I cooked eggs with it, and ham, and it didn't taste coconut-y at all.  Even though I bought it, it is nice to think that if I were so inclined, it is something that I could make from locally grown plants. 

I have two and a half weeks left in Summer School, and I have all these dreams of finishing my quilt and getting my house in order in what's left of summer.  The reality is that I really only have a couple of weeks left, and some of them are extra volunteer work days for technology in-services and SAT prep in-services.  So, maybe I can do part of one project.  I want to ride my horse (a project all on his own, since he's so skittish) and get a few blocks done on the quilt - but I really should do those big household projects that get put off to major breaks.  The other reality is that even though this Summer School class is a blast, the schedule is exhausting.  I am plum worn out, to be honest. I haven't figured out how to teach without making myself so worn out by the end of term that I need to sleep for 3 days.  

Part of the tiredness is that the youngest daughter came up with huge post auricular lymph nodes, which necessitated various doctor's trips and blood tests (I really don't like driving into town much  and worrying is tiring all on its own)  and resulted in a rather amusing incident where I asked to feel her spleen and we got the giggles.  It is probably Cat Scratch disease, but I am also wondering about leptospirosis, because of a family expedition to a waterfall. Both of those are scary, but she just seems mildly ill - like a cold, although if she runs, her abdomen hurts a bit (hence the spleen request).  Her running coach is probably irritated, but I am not risking a ruptured spleen for June conditioning. 

At least I got the cast iron project done.  


Leigh said...

That's a little scary about your daughter but I'm glad it isn't worse.

I love coconut oil too! It and olive are the only oils I cook with. I do like organic palm shortening when I need a solid fat.

NancyDe said...

I haven't tried the palm shortening, yet. I'll have to check it out.