Friday, June 27, 2014

Not at ISTE

Okay, when the invitation to apply to ISTE for this year came out back in November, I kind of had this moment of dread.  I just didn't want to fly all the way to Atlanta.  San Antonio just about killed me last year - plus, I was all excited about the possibility of teaching Summer School. 

Now, I am half way through Summer School, and the folks all left yesterday for ISTE, and I am watching Twitter and feeling mildly sorry for myself for not being there.  On the other hand, they met at the airport at noon yesterday and only landed a few hours ago, so yeah, getting there sounds like my own personal vision of hell.  But...all that excitement, all that new stuff to learn, being in the same state with my 3rd child and making sure he's okay.... (I do admit reason three is lame, and the umbilical cord was cut 16 years ago!).  Also, I always put off a certain kind of session, because there is so much to do - and now I wish I experienced and Ignite session.  I feel in need of some "passion igniting" right about now.

I come home from work earlier than I ever can during the regular school year, but I am about 10 times more exhausted.  I think it is because each day is like 2 and a half regular days worth of lesson planning and work.  I want to do so much with these kids, but there is only so much a human brain can get at a time.  I'll have to re-think some concepts next year - especially if I leave this open to 10th graders, again.  They really aren't ready for it, in general.  Not all of them, I have some super 10th graders in the morning session and a couple in the second session, but most of them need an essay writing class first - which is how we did it at my old school.

No gardening or even cleaning is getting done (by me, at least).  My husband did an incredible amount of laundry over the last few days.  He took the opportunity to clean out the son's room while he was gone.  I can't believe how many clothes that kid has - he got some from his brother, some from his cousins, some from me, and apparently, he hasn't had to do laundry for something like 3 months.  I am barely exaggerating, and yes, I know that is disgusting.  Oh my goodness.  Piles and piles of folding.  (I helped with that.).  He's coming home to a reduced wardrobe. 

Two weeks left and then I can do at least one project before the real school year starts! 

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