Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Just Call Me MIA...

Sorry, it's been a crazy few weeks.

Yes,  I am done with National Boards - at least until I find out I didn't pass (although I certainly hope I do!)  I took the test on May 30 - it was actually so much fun.  I quite enjoyed reading the new literature and writing about it.  By the 6th essay, I must admit I was pretty tired - and that last one is a piece of student work. You pick out errors and tell what you would do to correct them.  (I am allowed to say this - the directions are available online).  I was so tired and the sample had so MANY errors, I kind of got stuck on where to start.  I wasted 10 minutes of my 30 just looking at it and thinking, "Umm, all these errors are massive.  Where do I start?"  Other than that, though, I got done and felt a bit disappointed it was over. 

I am sure I qualify as a geek. 

I had a very short break, in which I tried to clean the house and organize things, and then I started Summer School.  We're only on day 4 of Summer School, and I am totally exhausted.  Teaching two 3 hour classes is much more strenuous than teaching four 80 minute classes and one 20 minute class.  I think it's the fact that lunch is only 30 minutes.  Also, I have 23 papers to grade every three days - detailed grading with a ton of descriptive feedback.  It's a lot of fun, but I am tired. 

Over the weekend, I walked 12 miles (my usual walk, two days in a row) and then we hiked to a waterfall and swam.  It was a very nice weekend. 

The hens started laying a new spot and now it's like Easter all over - they keep moving their laying spot.  My husband is getting there on the new chicken coop with the fancy laying boxes, though, so hopefully, this will be a problem of the past soon. 

I have looked at the greenhouse and thought about planting lettuce - isn't that lazy of me?  We have two coffee berries on one of the larger seedlings - which is exciting, but isn't going to make anyone even a cup of coffee.  Maybe a teaspoon of coffee. 


Barry said...

Coffee bushes are notorious for refusing to flower before 4 or more years after planting, I think. I managed to get a scant handful of ripe berries the final year we were in Maui, and I had to leave the rest of the crop on the bushes. I tossed them out because there was no time to dry them and roast them (we had an old air popcorn machine just for that). I did coax that crop to bloom with a few Tbsp's of Epsom salts - worth a try, anyway.

NancyDe said...

I guess I was just surprised that it actually fruited at all, since it is in a relatively small pot and not even a year old. Maybe that's a good sign for us! Most of our seedlings were just started a few months ago in yogurt cups and they are growing rapidly - and the one has two little fruits.