Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I actually spend a lot of time in a state of amazement, just a general state in life, but this week has had a number of outstanding opportunities to be amazed.  When I got out to do chores,  I stand amazed at how much FUN watching lambs is.  Where I would normally be impatient with myself for forgetting to buy water filters for the catchment system and grumpy that I have to stand extra long at the water bucket with the trickle coming out of the hose, I was happy I had an excuse to stand out there and watch Hulu and Niele hopping around and bothering all the grown-ups at dinner time.

My white ewe is looking rather large, so I am hoping she is closer to her due date than I thought and not expecting triplets!  I am not sure I am ready to sort out lamb legs in a difficult delivery.  Therein is another place to be amazed - I didn't know ewes could get that big - she practically has to roll rather than walk.  On the other hand, it could just be enormous lambs - because I see them moving around in there, which didn't happen that much with Dodie.

The best, most wonderful amazement is that my paint horse is nearly sound, is picking up weight like a champ - he hasn't been this comfortable is such a very long time.  I have tried everything - from bute, to cat's claw, to corn oil (terrible) to rice bran oil (not bad), but finally found beet pulp.  I read that beets are considered anti-inflammatory and good for arthritis...and, apparently, whatever causes the paint's inflammation, abscessing, and pain!  I am absolutely grateful and amazed.  Every time I go out to feed, I have to just double check.  I saw an improvement on day 3 of this new feed, and it's just gotten better and better.  I would never have guessed.  I really thought beet pulp would have too much carbohydrate, but I guess it really does have a low glycemic index.  Crossing my fingers that it will continue.


Faith said...

I just bought beet pulp for the first time yesterday. I have a friend here who uses it for her elderly hard gainer. I thought it might be a good economical supplement for the horses during these really cold weather events.

I'm so glad Ohia is comfortable!

A thought crosses my mind - maybe beet pulp would be an economical way to feed anyone during hard times...?

Every time I see baby animals play, I am awestruck by God's love of beauty and fun. Don't you just love watching them crow hop? LOL


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

What wonderful news.Sounds like a good day.

NancyDe said...

From Beyond: Keeping my fingers crossed that the beet pulp continues to do the trick!

You know, Faith, it crossed my mind, too - especially since our grass is rather poor for horses. If there were a delay in shipping (which there sometimes is), I always worry what I would feed Ohia. I am going to try to grow beets and see how it goes.

Faith, the wind is very strong from the southeast, and it is so voggy all I can smell is sulfur. How is your sister? It was the first thought I had when I woke up today, smelling that vog.

The wind is so strong from the South. I

Chai Chai said...

I hope we have lambs this spring so I can share in your joy. One thing that I have noticed is that no matter how tired or cold I am I always end up smiling after spending time with my animals, chores or no chores.

NancyDe said...

I am new sheep person, and my ewes have always just been with the ram, so I only know when they are quite a few months in and are starting to bag up. They are so fun, though. I hope you have a ton of lambs running around, Chai Chai!