Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thunder and Howling Dogs

The atmosphere is unstable over the Big Island this afternoon, resulting in computer outages at the library (which we braved on the way home), loud thunder, and for some reason, howling dogs.  One of our dogs loves to howl; usually he waits until one of us is calling a child in from playing or visiting the neighbor.  It's very hard to call a child when you are laughing because the dog is howling with you.  He watches your face and takes a break when you take a break.  It is fun to try to fake him out....take a big breath, open your mouth and then do nothing.  Sometimes he catches it before he actually starts to howl.

This is a bit illustrative of my sometimes puerile sense of humor.  I am going to share with you another instance of my sad deficiency in an adult sense of humor - it is all those years hanging out with teenagers, I am sure.  Today, I let the sheep out for a bit of a run in the big pasture.  The lambs took off as if it were the Kentucky Derby only with more hopping.  The older sheep, except poor Audrey who is waddlingly pregnant, took a few exploratory hops - but Minnie fell.  There was absolutely no reason for it, but she got up quickly and looked, well, sheepish.  I thought, "I really can NOT tell any adult human being that I thought that was knee-slappingly funny!" but here I am, telling you.  It must be the lack of adult conversation in my life.....

I am not looking forward to going out into the thunder and lightning to do the feeding.  I am going to wait for a bit to see if it passes through. We were driving in it most of the way home, but outpaced it, and now it has caught up.  I am fairly sure we'll lose power for a bit tonight.  I suppose I should get the meat pie in the oven before that happens!

If my sheep expert friend is right - THIS is the night Audrey will pick to lamb.  She'll probably need help, too, knowing my luck.


Faith said...

Sounds exciting, though. Strange weather. I know you are used to some intense storms, so this one must be big, for you to be nervous.

I hope Audrey holds off til a nice warm and dry Saturday morning. :o)

LOL I think it's hilarious, and you can share that with us any day. We were watching the horses run and play one day, three of them just kicking up their heels, not just for fun, but with attitude as well. They were absolutely feeling snooty that day.

Well, my DDs gelding, a big lug that used his weight to push everybody around, was a bit too big for his britches. He slipped in the mud, landed on his back with a big "OOF!" and then could not get up again for a few seconds. It was so funny. He looked like a turtle stuck upside down, sliding around in the mud. LOL

I took photos. LOL


NancyDe said...

I had a mare do that - not this one. She just slid gracefully sideways on a hill until she was on her side. She stayed down for a bit, like she meant to do that - rolled a little. I really think it was just taking the opportunity, because she had been cantering around when she slipped. She was a very elegant gray ex-racehorse with a kind, willing heart. I would laugh if this mare did that, but I didn't laugh at that one :).

Grandpa said...

I think it's quite funny, and you illustrated it rather well.

Good luck to you and Audrey.

NancyDe said...

Well, now I know where the expression "sheepish" came from....