Saturday, January 8, 2011

Short Lamb video

Look how much they've grown in just one week!  

Niele means curious, and she is ALWAYS sticking her head in first.  I can see it is going to cause problems for her (and me).  I let Mama and babies out with rest of the flock today for the first time after they all got used to one another with a fence between.  It's a blast watch them jumping around in the field.  I wish I could get a video of that, but the camera doesn't have much of a zoom.  Parts of the pasture have very long grass, so sometimes one of the lambs get lost (usually it is Hulu) and he or she starts screaming for Mama.  

Niele seems a bit smarter than Hulu, but he is more cuddly, which is a bummer considering I can't keep him as breeding stock.....Actually, instead of eating him, since he was first, I will castrate him (tomorrow, after I pick up some tetanus injection) and let him be a companion to the ram and a general lawnmower.   It's a very sentimental of me, and I am going to have to get over it or we will be overrun with sheep, but since he was our very first lamb born here, ever, I suppose I can be a little sentimental.

We dug up some of the garden beds that got pretty much pounded down in the heavy rain last month.  A few hardy seeds got through all that, and I pulled on lonely turnip today. Not sure what I am going to do with one turnip, but there you go.  The greenhouse frame is done; all that is left is to decide on flooring.  I am going to move my seedling "table" (two barrels from the arena and a piece of plywood covered with tarpaper) under the green house roof and separate out some tomato volunteer seedlings from my last container of tomatoes. They were growing well until it rained so hard all the tomatoes split and the vines died off.  I left one tomato in the pot where it fell off after a heavy pounding rain, and now I have all these lovely volunteers.

We were going to go on a farm tour of an aquaponics farm, but then we heard that there was a fire at the facility and the classes were cancelled.  My husband had already decided Kona was too far for today, so we were already second-guessing our decision when we got the phone call.  I was sort of looking forward to a trip to Costco and the circle island drive as a change of pace, but oh well.


Faith said...

Goodness, a fire! Hope all is well.

The lambs are adorable. Did you see that clip in the link I sent you? Makes we want sheep again. LOL

I had turnip fries the other night at a friend's house. At least they were supposed to be. They were more like hash browns that did not brown and crisp, but they were tasty. I like mashed turnips with butter and s&p, too. I'm sure your lonely turnip will be very tasty.


NancyDe said...

I ended up putting the turnip in the fridge with some baby daikon I rescued from the great garden bed dig up. I think I will saute them with some spinach tomorrow. Tonight I used the leftover spicy black bean soup I made yesterday as a sauce for my enchilada casserole. I used some of the black beans I harvested in the summer - but most of them came from a bag of dried I bought at Safeway.

I am having trouble with youtube tonight - so didn't see the clip, yet - but will check it out early tomorrow when the internet is faster (everyone sleeping). I am missing my youtube Victorian Farmer tonight!

Chai Chai said...

Good idea on keeping a companion for your ram, he will be happier for it. I don't have to tell you this but don't be too friendly with the little ram, that may lead to him "ramming" folks later in life as part of his "play" time activities.

NancyDe said...

I know, Chai Chai - someone did that with our current ram...right now, "friendly" means catching once a day to check on umbilical cord and state of the testicles. He's just easier to catch than his sister. Now, she I would like to get friendly with, because we hope to milk her once she is grown.