Friday, January 21, 2011


A coworker gave me a bag of lilikoi.  I ate some over cottage cheese this morning, and I am determined to save at least one of the fruit to grow a vine or two.  I forgot how delicious fresh lilikoi is.  Also known as passion fruit, it is part of a popular juice combo called POG (Passion Orange Guava).  I really look forward to the day I can make my own cottage cheese and put my own fresh lilikoi on it.  It was soooo good.

My son's Hawaiian teacher said that the fruit is really liliko'i, but no one says it like that anymore.  It has an intense taste and a penetrating fruit smell, so sometimes visitors don't like it - but it reminds me of growing up in Maunawili.  We used to ride the horses out into the big pastures and pick lilikoi and share them with the horses.

Tomorrow morning, the woman is coming to look at the mare.  I am of two minds about it.  I want her to be occupied and loved and with my schedule, I just don't give her the occupied part of it.  She has SO much potential!  I will miss her a lot if she does go, and it feels a bit like giving up a part of myself.  I am fascinated by the sheep and spend a lot of physical and mental energy on them, but horses have been a part of me forever.

The babies are doing well.  I have to decide which of the two ram lambs to keep intact and which to castrate.  The white streaky one is starting to creep feed a little already.  In just six days, they have grown so fast.  I have been surprised by how fast the lambs grow.  The three week ones almost seem to have doubled in size and they are so adventurous.  This weekend, another chore I have in mind if the weather cooperates and I can drum up some help around here is trimming hooves.  Not really looking forward to trimming Elvis' hooves.  I think I will have to rig a halter and have someone hold him tight so I can lift his legs up one at a time.  I wish I had one of the flippers that you clamp the sheep in and turn them over!   It would be amusing as well as convenient.


Daphne said...

I miss the POG juices! Luckily GOYA foods has guava, passion fruit and mango nectars that I mix in with my soda water. Cottage cheese also brings back fond after high school snack memories.

Let us know how the meeting for your mare went.

Deb said...


Don't forget to ask for visiting rights, in case you want to follow up with your mare. It may help give you a bit more peace of mind :)

Just a tip...if you can, tie Elvis to a fence post and have someone lean against he and a fence/wall, while trimming his feet.
Works pretty well here with those bigger boys !


NancyDe said...

Oh, Deb, that is a good idea. If I could have "Someone" (who isn't here right now....) get him between and a wall, that would work! In a pinch, I could push him up against a wall, after tying him, but it would be less easy than if someone were helping me. He was a gentleman today. When I opened the gate between the pen and the pasture, he came up for some scratches under the chin, but when he'd had enough, he calmly turned around and walked out. I think he is only upset when I am trying to catch a ewe or a baby. I need to send you a video of the little black and white lamb walking - it just doesn't look quite right, but nothing seems to be swollen, hot and he is eating and playing. Would love your expertise.

NancyDe said...

Daph, absolutely have fond memories of cottage cheese - and high school, in spite of the pressure cooker atmosphere. We sure ate some weird things.... The meeting with the people went well. They have a few more horses to look at, so we'll see. I don't know what to wish for - so I won't wish for anything.

Grandpa said...

Are you referring to the Markisa? It's a round fruit as big as an orange with soft seeds inside. If that's the one we have at The Farm too - very sweet and delicious.

NancyDe said...

Grandpa, I have never heard of them called that here, but when I looked it up on the internet I found that they are the same. The varieties that grow here are more tart than sweet, but the are delicious. The purple variety is sweeter.