Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dog Attack, Fainting Kid, and a Ewe Who is Taking Her Time.

What a day it's been - worth the basement computer aggravation!

Last night, my dogs bit my little Dorper ram lamb.  It's a long story, but they got him pretty good high up in the hind quarter.  I have flushed it with betadine and given him a shot of penicillin and tried to bandage it as best as I can, and he's eating and drinking, so crossing my fingers.

Sally, the Dorper ewe, is in pre-labor, passing her mucus plug, walking around, eating and drinking in between pushing here and there.

In the midst of all the excitement of trying to patch up Spot and check on Sal, my 11 year old got a little wobbly and nauseated...nice mommy that I am I told her, "If you are going to throw up - go do it in the compost pile instead of in the nice clean straw."  (She tends to be a bit dramatic), but as she went out there, she yelled kind of loudly, "I am going to pass out."  I told her to put her head down, but she promptly fell face down on the cinder.  She woke up quickly, so I told her to get to the house to lay down - I really thought she was doing better, and my hands were covered with lamb blood and betadine - but as soon as she walked around to the front of the barn, I heard her yelling, "Help. Dad. Help!"  I dropped everything and ran to her - got her in the house and she almost passed out again.

She swears it isn't the blood, but she hadn't eaten breakfast and the wound on that lamb is pretty ugly...just watching her before putting her through the ER rigamarole.  Her sister was a fainting preadolescent, and so was I.  I am not as worried as the advice nurse thinks I should be, because it seems to run in the family.  We fed her waffles and juice and propped her on the couch with a Dvd player and some movies.  If she faints again after all that, we'll head down to the ER, but for now, I am assuming lack of sleep, lack of food, and a rather graphic wound cleaning.


K-Koira said...

Sounds like about the right reaction. Sometimes no food, being tired, and stress combine to do things like that.

Hopefully the little lamb is okay, and your daughter gets back to feeling good soon.

Lisa said...

WOW. And I thought we never had a dull moment around here...!
Lisa : )

NancyDe said...

Unfortunately, the ewe required a c-section and the lamb, a HUGE ram lamb, was dead. My daughter seems better but not quite herself, so I am taking her into the doctor today.