Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sweet Potatoes and my List

I planted my sweet potato slips that my niece brought - they look like they are adjusting.  I am pretty excited and hope they grow well.  Last time I planted some they got 1) run over by the tractor and 2) the survivors got hit with some kind of virus.  I planted these new slips in a different spot altogether that has never had crops before; the last bunch was planted in an older spot.

Sally the c-section is blatting away and has come out of the woods, so she is looking good.  Elvis's sore foot cleared up on its own, so it looks like my diagnosis of bruise was right which is a relief - he didn't show signs of foot rot or even an abcess, so I was hoping.

My tomatoes and cucumbers are pumping out enough to keep us supplied with a daily dose, and the eggplants are a week out from harvest or so, and the peppers are setting fruit.  It is time to start looking at starting new plants and figuring out what else to grow!  The taro mala needs to be weeded and mulched, and I can start taking a few leaves for luau chicken (yum).

If my son gets his license tomorrow, I can have more time at home - I got plenty of praying done on my twice daily treks to town, but not much gardening or canning.  I would like to get some more marmalade put up, some kimchee cucumbers, daikon pickles and some ready made meals like stew and chili for the fall, when I go back to work.  I also have a few more rooms to clean from top to bottom.  Only 4 and a bit more weeks until I report back to school.  I have quite a list of things I would like to do before then.

Wish the Boy luck tomorrow morning.  We're heading into Pahoa early so he can get the lay of the roads, then heading for the new police station there to take the driver's test!  I am proud of the kid - he wrote a program to analyze genetic material (not quite sure what it all is, because he just took the formula the biologist gave him and wrote a better program for it - so he can't explain the biology behind it well enough for me to understand), and his boss, the biologist, wants him to write the paper as the principal author and with the PhD as a second author - and they are going to submit it to a professional journal.  I am not only proud - I am a bit envious.  He is 16 and hitting one of my secret (well, not anymore) life dreams. Genetic biologists could be using my son's tool to analyze DNA fragments all over the world.  That is just cool.

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