Saturday, June 18, 2011

Post Injury

The Dorpers are doing fine, in spite of their various injuries and their mad escape into the woods (read jungle) at the back of the land.  As it is actually sunny today, I let them all out this morning and will pull them in for dinner early to give shots, etc.

Elvis has a sore foot; I don't see any signs of rot, so I think it is a bruise.  I am trying to soak him with epsom salts like I would a horse, but he is rather difficult.  He seems quite sorry for himself and wants to be babied.

I am not doing a great job at taking a vacation, so I guess I am continuing to blog.

Off to the Hilo Farmer's Market today and to walk around downtown with my eldest while the youngest attends a birthday party at a beach park.  I am just closing my eyes to all the stuff that needs to be done around here - the girls need a little girl time today.


Chai Chai said...

Just imagine what you could do with all the free time you would have if you didn't have all this homestead stuff going on. Do you think you would be bored?

Happy to hear the sheep are doing fine, life is keeping you entertained.

NancyDe said...

I don't think I would be bored, but I might run out of things to read....