Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thunderstorms and Graduation

I spent the middle part of the day helping to set up the Civic for our graduation.  We have a whopping 15 kids graduating tonight, but that is about par for us.  We used to use Aunty Sally's Luau Hale, but even with seating for 500, we would run out of seats - for just 15-16 graduates!  By using the Civic, we won't have to worry about that.

Only three staff and a significant other showed up for the set up, so we gals had to lug a bunch of stage risers and lattice backgrounds around as well as make floral arrangements out of bird-of-paradise, monstera, ti leaf, and assorted palms.  Despite my and my co-workers lack of floral arrangement experience, they came out pretty nice.

I had to leave a bit early because I had to pick up my 16 year old from the SAT, and because, in spite of sleeping 6 hours during the day yesterday and 12 hours last night, I still felt pretty horrible.  It turned out my son was got picked up down in town after I fed him lunch, so I didn't even need to stay that late!

I know I have to go to the actual graduation - when you have a staff of 11, including classroom aides, it would be obvious if one teacher weren't there - but the Civil Defense is warning of flash flooding and I can barely swallow.  Staying home is definitely tempting.

I do have to go, though -so I had better get up and get the feeding and watering done so I can change and make it down in time.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!  One more week until school is pau for this year....then I can concentrate on the animals and the garden.


vcassie88 said...

Hey Nancy! It is awesome to see another blogger from Hawaii. My husband and I are planning on someday moving to the big island, so we can have a little more elbow room, but all in good time I suppose. Sounds like you have your hands full at your place. It is thundering again here, I have never seen it so stormy in the five years I have lived here. Do you like raising sheep? I had never thought much about raising them until Jenna's blog. I am really nervous about Khan, we are planning on having a completely enclosed coop and run, and then when we get home from work, letting the dogs inside and the chickens out to eat the garden bugs. I would be so devastated if Khan made a snack out of my chickens.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I thought I had a small graduation class (56). Of course that was years ago. Wow, they must get a top notch education with such a small class size. How lucky for them to have almost individualized instruction. Congrats to all the lucky graduates.

NancyDe said...

Hey vcassie, sheep are okay - the hair ones that do well here are pretty prolific. I went from four to 12 in a few months and more are on the way.

I think Khan will learn, but you should definitely dig down and put fencing below the ground level; either that, or put a heavy piece of wood to anchor the entire bottom part of the run. Everything like chicken: dogs, mongoose, even rats. My dogs, after having left the second flock alone for a year, were provoked by a rooster and they tore through four layers of fence. Funny, though, now we can just leave everyone out and the dogs don't even look at the hens - that's why I think Khan will learn eventually.

FBMKW, the top notch education is there for them, but some of them, sadly, do everything they can to avoid it! The graduation was lovely, though!