Friday, May 25, 2012

The Most Beautiful Weather

It was pouring right before it was time to get out of bed and blustery with wind, but by mid-morning the sky was celebrating my last day of work (well, you know kind of - tomorrow is graduation, which is a work day and the week after next is a week of work in Kona).  My friend at work and I met at 6:30 and worked out on the ellipticals and then we went to breakfast with the full staff.  I cleaned my room some more, started on those tutorials on word roots I promised to do this weekend, showed someone how to set up their gradebook so they can get a chart on each learning goal and how many kids got them, walked around and got my check out signatures, took a walk out to the mala to see what we need to do out there (lots - the dirt is mostly cinder and the compost "bins" are a wreck), had my lunch and then pretended to work on more word root tutorials while waiting for grade check sheets and my son who was coming to help me stack boxes of books. 

I fully intended to go back to the elliptical machine, but the weather was so nice, I just decided to go home and walk.  Then I went to the Farmer's Market and proposed to my regular, favorite vendor that I bring her eggs and we trade.  She looked me straight in the eye and said, "You bring only to me; no go anybody else!"  I thought, "I need to get more chickens."  I really like Lily - I buy $20-$30 worth of stuff from her once a week and when I get home, she's put a few extras.  Today it was a couple of really ripe tomatoes, green onions, cilantro, a few extra cucumbers and some more tat soi - I think it was that I told her that my family is coming and my kid was graduating.  (I still can't say that word without tearing up - what the heck is wrong with me????) 

My mom and stepdad and daughter are stepping off the plane about now.  I need to go down and start cooking dinner.  The house still has the end of the school year piles - a pile of my books for my tutorials, a pile of binders and leftover binder paper (I swear there is more there than I actually bought in the beginning of the year - but I did over do it last August).  My mom is just going to have to forgive me :). 

I didn't actually go for that walk - my husband was watching a movie so I sat and watched the end.  I am going to have to get up early tomorrow and walk before it is time for the Baccalaureate.  It's a full day - Baccalaureate, lunch with the headmaster, graduation itself, the whole lei thing.  For those of you not familiar with Hawaii customs - kids get lei, lots and lots of lei.  I think when I graduated I had a slit for my eyes - I had haku on my head and lei up to my nose.  This year flower lei are quite expensive, so I bought candy lei for my son to distribute and a couple to give away to my two favorite (besides my son) boys in the Senior class - the arranged the whole 3 visit rotation to the Veteran's Home and coached the Freshmen in hula and mele.  There  are also the balloons and usual graduation kinds of things.  I will take pictures, I promise - I will even post a few.

Well, off to cook up my Farmer's Market bounty.  My daughter will be here in less than an hour!  There I go, tearing up again.  I swear something is wrong with me.  I am a faucet these days.  

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