Sunday, May 27, 2012

Graduation (Don't faint - there are pictures!)

 This is my son and his lovely girlfriend.  The lei haven't piled up, yet. 

This is my son with his sister and her best friend (who feels like my 5th kid).  My daughter really bleached her hair - but I kind of like it a lot more than the crayon red of last year! 

 All my kids, plus two :). 

My dad and my son - they share  name and  a birthday! 

My little mom and my step-dad. 

My dad and my step-mom. 

 All my kids.  Three of them are now taller than me - how does that happen? 

 The boys.  My house is full of all the kids in these pictures right now (plus a few more), and I am quite a happy mom today.  I am not sure how I feel about the pimp-daddy hat, but it's pretty funny. 

Aren't they adorable? My baby-girl and my son's girlfriend. 

The lei got heavy, so here he is without them.  I really love this picture. 

My little girl, all grown up. 

The night before graduation - he is SOOO happy he is graduating. 

The breakfast that got him through high school - fruit loops.  One is leaving high school and one is coming up in the Fall. 

The grandparents!  Everyone's got cameras out. 

This different kihei (drape) the kids made for their baccalaureate - the changed to the yellow ones for the graduation.  It's a long, long day. 

My husband thought it was hilarious that my sunburn was showing in my faculty uniform. 

My son and his friend in the line to enter graduation.  Don't they look handsome? 

Somehow I missed the picture with the masses of lei - he took them off early and put them in a bag.  My house smells like flowers - although there was a goodly amount of candy and one creative soda lei.  There are several teens and young adults in the basement.  They've cleaned the kitchen, cooked their own dinner (obviously not in that order), and one of them fixed a problem with my external hard drive.  I am glad they still feel happy here - I know like other things in life, this will pass, too.  I think that's what's been so hard with this graduation for me - half my kids are now out of school.  A part of my life is passing on and there are good things coming but I am grieving this part a little bit - another mom said, "This is a bittersweet day."  We both teared up a little - I have known her since the boys were in preschool.   I am so proud of my son and his accomplishments, but a tiny bit of me misses my little chubby cheeked boy. 


tami said...

Wonderful pitures. Love the smiles. You have a beautiful family ND.

The wheel turns doesn't it? I can hardly remember my own graduation!

Had to laugh at your sunburn. I've got one too on my back after being bent over staining chairs.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

How exciting for all of you. You have a lovely family. I felt the same way you did. Graduations are for me, bittersweet.

Ruth Dixon said...

Awww... I am tearing up. This is such a bittersweet time. We are down to our last one at home, with only 2 more years of high school. They grow fast, and I know I will miss all the kids hanging out at our house. Hope you have a wonderful summer!

Chai Chai said...

It sure is great to see kids so happy!

Stacy Davis said...

What a beautiful family!!! It's great to see pictures...Congratulations to your son..:)

Deb said...

Thank you for sharing such happy pictures !
Your family is so beautiful, but missing the front of you !
Congratulations to your son and hope everyone enjoys their summer:)