Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The last day is finished - of course, I still have grading, organizing, cleaning, planning for next year and stuff like that...but part of my brain is already dreaming of summer.  I always make ridiculous goals for myself and if I accomplish half of them, I am pretty stoked. 

Here's this year's list:

  • Sew a little more of that darned Hawaiian Quilt Pillow- I'd like to get the applique bit done. (HA!) 
  • Get to the point where I can run 5 miles without walking (Probable HA!)
  • Expand the garden to twice its current size, add compost and plant, plant, plant  
  • Fill in gaps in greenhouse and clean out old non-productive plants  
  • Plant a field of mangelwurzel in the front by the arena
  • Pull the kalo and replant - possibly in the back so the sheep can weed the darn mala - or double plant with uala (sweet potato) in between to suppress weeds. 
  • Clean and organize all the closets and cupboards 
  • Clean and organize the basement library and old toy collections
  • Paint all the interior doors 
  • Learn to sew (this always makes my list and never gets done) 
  • Write 20 Root Word tutorials and load them on our school server  
  • Write the other 5 parts of speech tutorials and ditto  
  • Strip the animal stalls and put more cinder in them
  • Go to both of my PD opportunities (well, I don't have a choice to jettison this one) 
  • Finish the Building Healthy Soil Online Module for next year. 
  • Organize the paper work I have in crates - I got to separating categories at it's time to  finish.
  • Ride 4 times a week and get Gibby Crazy Horse less crazy 
So, yeah, I have 9 weeks of summer, two of which are spent out of town in work stuff, one of which will be spent joyfully with family coming out for graduation and at least 2 hours a day will be devoted to driving kids to summer athletics (XC practice and cheer practice) - anyone want to give me odds on how much of this list I will get done? 

If I were prioritizing, I would go with the Root Words and Building Healthy Soil online modules, because that's stuff for other teachers and the greenhouse stuff, the running, and then the garden and then the horse.  I know I should do the cleaning and organizing as top priority, but it isn't as fun - my 13 year old might do it.  She likes to do that kind of stuff which delights and baffles me.  She'll be extra motivated if I pay her in riding lessons, which will kill two birds with one stone. 

I just have to promise myself 2 hours a day on tutorials and other curriculum and 3 hours a day on the garden/greenhouse/animals and 1-2 hours a day on exercise and then I will make a dent in the list....

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