Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Leap Frog Lambs (and Chickens)

Yesterday was the day for standing on someone else.  I know that isn't quite leapfrog, but that is what popped in my head.  I went out to find the little Calico ewe lamb from the last batch of triplets standing on one of last year's lambs.  He seemed pretty unconcerned - he is well over 200 lbs, so I can see why he didn't care.  I do notice that the lambs enjoy standing or laying on the back of the rams or wethers .  It must be more comfy than the ground and the ewes are relatively impatient with their offspring when it comes to feeding time. 

I did see all the lambs jumping from back to back of the adults - I remember doing that in the living room decades ago - playing with my sister that the ground was hot lava and you had to jump from couch to chair.  The adult sheep didn't seem the slightest bit concerned, in spite of the sharp little hooves. 

The chickens were just jumping on anyone - my shoulder, various sheep, the top of the gate.  I dislike chickens flapping at my face in hopes of getting the grain first, so that make me a bit cranky.  Nasty evolved dinosaurs giving me the stink eye with those sharp beaks near my eyes.  Yeah, not a fan of leap frog with chickens, by no means.  

As I look out at the sky through my office windows (it's lunch), I can see that there is a fair amount of vog.  Maybe we'll have some dry weather for awhile.  However, if I look the other way - up Mauka - the clouds are piling up.  I really, really, really want to get out in my garden.  I just found out I have an unexpected day off on Friday and a nice three day weekend gardening and canning sounds like a GREAT plan.  I have an abundance of jalapenos and lemons.  I was thinking my marmalade and trying to can some pickled pepper slices (not in the same jar, of course) would be just the thing. 

I will pray for your weather, if you will pray for mine!  


Faith said...

The kids and lambs love those moving mountains to play on. I love to watch them.

My sister moved away and is now in FL.

Oooh, marmelade! Hot and lemon. I love the combo idea. Never had it though.

NancyDe said...

Hey, Faith. I was thinking about you today. I hope your sister is doing better in Florida.

Pomaika`i said...

Yet another reason for the name of the season, Spring! If you have a way to get a video of the gamboling and cavorting, I'm thinking it would go viral on You-tube. A couple of years ago, I had so many lemons I tried making limoncello, which took a few weeks of watching slices of pith-free zest turn white as they turned the 100-proof vodka to yellow gold. It kept for about a year in the freezer after adding the simple syrup. On second thought, you might not want that around with your kids at the present time... Maybe Hollandaise sauce over asparagus? Yum!

NancyDe said...

I am finishing up 8 cups of lemon marmalade as I write. I ran out of propane for the stove top, so I had to take the whole pot out to the barbecue to finish the boiling. It seems like it will work - most of the jalapenos have sealed and I have every hope that the oodles of marmalade will, too.

Not a huge fan of hollandaise - I wish I were, I have so many eggs. Lemon curd is good, too, though.