Monday, April 30, 2012

And, I Was Right....

It did rain - pouring, pounding, can't-sleep-at-night-because-of -the-noise rain all yesterday.  So much for the garden (outside).  I did weed and do some maintenance in the greenhouse - mostly have tomatoes and jalapenos right now, and a whole lot of papaya seedlings.  (I need to get those in the ground).  My green onions are starting to shoot up inside - I think the rain has them cowed outside, even though I planted them at the same time. 

It was just as well, because I was pretty tuckered out from the Maui trip on Friday and the workshops on Saturday.  I made one quinoa, lentil and cruciferous vegetable salad and that was the extent of my home-making for the weekend. 

I did rescue a screaming lamb from the horse stall.  Mom was outside, both babies were inside, and they couldn't seem to get it together - so I chased the babies out and although they didn't want to cross the sea of mud, they skedaddled when mom came close. 

The reading at church was about the Good Shepherd - as usual, I reflected on how Jesus probably knew more about sheep (and how loud and pushy and needy they are) than most people do nowadays.  I had half a mind to invite the priest home to check out the sheep, just so he'd have a more informed perspective on sheep when he did his homily. 

Now that I am back at work, it is quite sunny - except for the brief instance when I went out to my car to get something - it sprinkled right then. I am beginning to take this personally.  


Chai Chai said...

I got a good laugh reading the bring-the-priest-home-to-see-real-sheep comment.

NancyDe said...

Having sheep really made me re-read the Bible verses dealing with sheep in a very different light.