Sunday, April 8, 2012

Can I Blog in Peace, Please

I am sitting here with my two youngest one either side - they aren't so young anymore (12 and 14) but they are setting up a caterwauling worthy of cranky toddlers.  My 14 year old is opining that he has back tumors and that he needs an emergency massage. Apparently, back tumors are muscle knots.  Neither of them can decide whether the cell phone I bought at Christmas for them to share is his or hers or theirs (it's theirs). 

"At Christmas, my name was first, so it is both of ours." 

"It was in MY bag, so it is mine." 

"Mom, make him give me back OUR phone."

"Mom, if she goes through my bag again, the phone is mine forever - or until you buy me a better phone." 

They are actually joking, and I can't complain that they want to spend time with me, but I have to admit almost 13 year olds and 14 year olds can have some very ridiculous conversations.  I guess that's why I teach high school instead of middle school anymore. 

I think I solved the mystery of the missing hen - today, I caught a dog (tied up for the sheep grazing part of the day) chasing a hen.  That sneaky dog - how he figured out that he had to eat the whole hen, feathers, feet, beak, and all is beyond me, but that must be my answer.  No wonder he looked so guilty the other day. 

My older son had his senior prom last night.  I didn't even get to see him all dressed up.  He left early for a track meet,  came home for a shower, but left to get a haircut and to get ready at a friend's house.  He was supposed to get pictures, but he forgot his form.  I am really bummed about that.  I didn't see he or his date in all their finery.  He stayed the night at a friend's in town. met us at church, and then went back to his friends.  I am also slightly perturbed that Senior Prom is always on Holy Saturday at this school.

As I sat making three Easter Baskets (instead of the four I made all these years), it occurred to me that in a few short months, half of my kids will be gone and out of the house.  When they were all little and it was so hard to go shopping or to go to church, I looked forward to having them a little older, but it just went so fast!  I feel like telling every fed up mom how fast it goes and how happy/sad/proud you are to see your kids up there on that graduation stage.  In five years, they will ALL be gone - but then again. the way the economy is going, maybe some of them will be coming back by then, and I will be singing a different tune!  


Chai Chai said...

Yep, enjoy them while they are there as it doesn't last long.

As for the chicken, pigs are known for devouring chickens feathers, feet, beaks, and all! Is it possible you have a wild pig around there? It would be odd for a dog to eat the whole thing.

NancyDe said...

I know it would be weird for the dog to eat the whole thing....we do have wild pigs in the area, but they don't usually come into our yard because of the dogs and because our place is fenced. I know mongoose don't eat the whole thing - sometimes all they eat is the legs.

Pomaika`i said...

I remember rhe chaos when the kids were ricocheting about. The house still remained, with only the memories to echo.
I have to stand in defense of the dog. I too have seen dogs act guilty, but sometimes in the context of not repelling an invader [" I'm so sorry, master, I did not fight or defend against the intruder"). Of course, the case is murkier when said pup is observed en flagrante with a chicken....

NancyDe said...

Well, we just saw the dog chasing the chicken....not chicken in his mouth. However, he and his cohorts have, in the past, killed two whole flocks of hens and I have seen him take a bite out of a sheep, right with me standing there. A perfectly friendly dog, as long as you are a human and not a cat, chicken, sheep....

Stacy Davis said...

Hm...I've never known a dog to eat the whole thing...he was either really hungry...or really smart :)

This is the first year I didn't do baskets for the kids. It was weird. I kind of miss it, but I was really looking forward to a weekend of outside work...which would have happened if my mom wasn't bent on having Easter dinner with us. OH least we all got to sit down together to eat..that doesn't happen much anymore.