Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gardening Plans

Two of my kids are off to the Merrie Monarch Parade - marching for their respective school groups.  Fortunately, one of them drives - isn't that curmudgeonly of me?  I have never been fond of parades and the whole Merrie Monarch thing kind of passes me by every year.  I tried to go to the free night one year, waited in line for a couple of hours, realized I wasn't going to get in and gave up.  I do watch some of the footage on tv - especially the year my student and my niece were in the halau together.  It's really very bad of me - Merrie Monarch is a huge deal in Hilo. I just don't like crowds, and I never think to buy tickets for the Kahiko night (traditional form of hula - my favorite) enough time ahead.  I think I would have to basically buy them now for next year.  

I saw on Facebook that my nephew ordered sheep netting from Premier Dairy.  Apparently, he typed in the "Special Instructions" box that he would like them to enclose a picture of a chicken in a cowboy hat, riding a sheep and lassoing another chicken.  I was impressed to see that they, in fact, enclosed a charming picture of said chickens and sheep with the package.  Now, that is customer service and a hoot besides. 


We actually neglected our māla out back, so we were thinking about putting sheep netting around the taro and letting the sheep weed for us.  They don't eat the taro because of the oxalic acid crystals in the leaves and corm, but they will eat the grass all around it.  I was bitterly opposed to putting the māla in the back pasture, but apparently, I was wrong.  It is so far from the house, and with Elvis back there, not pleasant to walk out to - but if the sheep will weed it for us without eating the crop, then I am all for it - one back breaking day to plant it and one back breaking day a year later to pull it out.  I love taro in almost all forms, but it is really a LOT of work to both plant and harvest. 

Today, I am going to put in some cucumbers, lettuce, beets, turnips, the few seed potatoes I saved from last year, pumpkin, and various greens and herbs.  We'll see if they get washed away - hopefully, we over the over-the-top rainfalls we've been having and are now going to have just our regular loads of rain. 


Chicago Transplant said...

Hi NancyDe,

Thank you for the funny story about your nephew. What a hoot, indeed! That picture is priceless!

We're supposed to be getting some nasty weather in the midwest. Some reports of baseball-sized hail and tornadoes have started trickling in. Thank goodness Hawaii residents don't need to worry about that kind of weather....

I hope you'll share some pictures of your garden once your vegetable get growing.


NancyDe said...

Hi Chicago Transplant - I guess it didn't make national news - but Kailua on Oahu had both hail and a tornado last month. Pretty weird, huh? There was a four inch piece of hail which made the record books for Hawaii.

Chicago Transplant said...

Wow! Hail and a tornado in Hawaii, and in the same month too! That is REALLY weird. I've encountered hail once or twice on Maui; no tornadoes, but small dustdevils used to be somewhat common in my hometown.

I should have qualified my earlier comment: Thank goodness Hawaii residents *usually* don't have to worry about hail and tornadoes!


NancyDe said...

Yes, it was weird - but nowhere near as severe as similar weather on the continent, of course. Just amazing to watch the waterspout move into Lanikai - I think the extent of the damage was a carport or two. The hail damaged a lot of cars, but fortunately, no loss of life that I know of.