Friday, April 6, 2012

The Case of the Missing Buff Orpington

The first mystery is why the Buff Orpingtons are the ones that go missing.  Why can't it be one of the Americaunas?  I don't like them nearly as much. 

And then, where is the hen?  There are no piles of feathers or sad little carcases anywhere in the yard to give any clues - I am just down a hen.  We don't have fox or any wild predators.  Sometimes there are owls, but they are only about half the size of these huge hens. 

Even my dogs would leave a few feathers - they aren't smart enough to eat the whole thing to hide the evidence.  I doubt Nani, the cat, could do the deed, although I see her checking the hens that invade her area under the greenhouse tables with an evil eye.  Nani is a rather small cat and has never made even the half-hearted attempt to stalk, much less pounce, on a hen. 

This is the second Buff Orpington that has gone missing.  The first one, I thought maybe she was brooding somewhere (they do go broody) - even though it would be in vain since the rooster had his fatal accident after attacking the nervous Gibby Crazy Horse.  She never came out of the woods, though, so I guess that wasn't it. 

These hens are already over a year and a half old and I was already thinking about getting a new batch, but I still resent that it was one of my beloved Buffs that are gone and not the less productive and less affectionate Americaunas. 


Chai Chai said...

Maybe someone snatched them because they like eggs too?

Pomaika`i said...

I freely admit my ignorance here, but would it be possible or useful to put on leg bands on those BO's, with a "call me # if found" imprinted? The two-legged varmints would probably laugh, but if your birds have been doing Wright Bros. imitations and their poultramnesiac tendencies prevent a return flight, maybe some aloha still could be possible. [I know, but it IS Easter week, yah?]

NancyDe said...

Someone snatching her would be hard - our house is set way back from the road and we have no real close guess is a sneaky dog. Or maybe a mongoose - I'd usually think they are quite too small, but I have seen some gigantic mongoose lately.