Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My desk in MESSY!

I have been going, going, going all day.  I feel like I just looked up and the day is over - and my desk is insanely messy. 

What did I do today?  I wrote a test for a teacher who is sick.  I picked up my new computer - our school is switching platforms, so I transferred all my files and tried to figure out how Lion is different than the Snow Lion I used in my last school and tried to retrain my fingers to Mac.  I taught a class, which is always fun,  and somewhere in here I messed up my desk.  I turned back a lot of papers today, too, so I just don't get it.  It looks like the papers have procreated.  

I need to do a little straightening up out in the tack/feed room.  It's somewhat organized, but I do need to sweep and do a Spring cleaning of old supplements, medicines, etc.  It's hard to get energized to do it when everything is mucky and muddy.  Wednesday's a long day at work, so it won't be happening today. 

In fact, it won't be happening all this weekend.  On Friday, I am flying to Maui for a meeting.  That sounds more fun than it is.  I think the meeting will be really interesting, but flying to Maui isn't always an easy proposition - even though you can see Maui from the other side of this island on clear days.  Because of the asinine flight schedule, you have to fly out of Hilo (over Maui) all the way to Honolulu and then back to Maui.  And then, to get home, you need to fly back to Honolulu, turn around, fly over Maui again, and fly to Hilo.  Feel free to pull up a map of Hawaii to see what I am talking about.  No matter how really interesting the meeting is going to be, the flights are going to be tiring. 

Then, on Saturday, we have an extra day of work to learn about using our computers for more than just word processing.  Our portfolios are due next week, too.  I have a folder (well, really as desk) full of "evidence" but I have to pull it together.  This is my first year at this school, and like so many other things, I don't know the real low-down on stuff - there are directions, but then there are real conventions.  For my last school, people would put together up to 4 thick binders of stuff for their portfolios.  I kept mine down to two binders, but here I get the impression that maybe people for the minimalist approach and bringing more would be a faux pas.  I have asked a few old pros, administration, and friends and have gotten no clear answers. Sigh.  There seem to be 3 different versions of portfolios out there.  I have enough crud for all three versions - I should just make them and see which one to pull out of my bag on presentation day.  Here you go - overachiever Nancy is ready to go! 

Okay, this was almost not at all about my agricultural pursuits.  My head is full of tests and online learning objects and, "Oh, yay - I missed swiping, but darn, I liked the right click on the Dell" of the platform switch. 

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