Friday, June 1, 2012

Walk Around The Land

Papaya.  We've tried to sprout trees for some time now from papayas from the farmer's market.  This one is doing well - and you can see the fruit growing along the trunk. 
 Taro. I pulled this for our guests - we made taro patties with sweet potato.  I cooked up the leaves in the crock pot for a side dish.  These few plants made enough patties for about 20 people with several left over.  You can see why this is a nice subsistence plant in many places in the world. 

The beautiful fence my husband built.  I think it makes the pasture look so much nicer.  There is hog wire behind it to keep the sheep in. 

The fence from another angle.  I like the way it looks with the cypress trees. 

The girls hanging out under the tiare.  There are some sad looking roses, too. 

My husband had to chain saw through that jungle to make the fence line.  

Banana.  This bunch is ready to come down.


tami said...

Yeah, more pictures! We blog readers are a nosey bunch. Keep em coming.

NancyDe said...

I don't know, Tami - I think I blew through the available pictures for awhile - there are only so many pictures of sheep and bananas that you can put up without getting boring. Maybe as we work on the cabin attached to the barn....or if anything would actually grow in my garden. The outside garden just isn't sprouting except a couple of dill and a couple of cucumbers. Too much rain this spring, I guess.